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Poem - Without Pressure

Posted by Ike Boat on May 31, 2013 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Without Pressure <--- Poem Title

Life is full of events.

Some think it's the advents.

It's good for those in pleasure.

Speak positive,for it's leisure.

There can be time for the adventure.

You can enjoy very much.

Without pressure.

In acting,we have actors.

In singing,we have singers.

In playing,we have players.

That is evidence of talents.

But they're not meant to rents.

Maybe,their performances is in March.

Without pressure.

Periods in the hotel.

When there's a pool.

Then swimming becomes cool.

Periods in the hostel.

When there's a discussion.

You can make that confession.

Without pressure.

Article - Amanful Suburb In Detail (Description) ASID

Posted by Ike Boat on May 31, 2013 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

  Amanful as a name literally means 'The General Public',thus in accordance with both the Fante and Twi dialect of the Akan tribe which relate to the people of Ghana located at the sub-region of Africa.Although,in terms of pronunciation it differs,the prime definition is almost the same for all and sundry to admit. Amanful as a place for many folks is located within Takoradi,which is at heart of the south-western part of the nation being a community of diversity with regards toattitudes,behaviors,games just to mention but a few.As a matter of significance,in every society,institution or body of humanity,leadership plays a vital contribution to both development or retrogression of its people.In this regard,as a suburb with much emphasis on the people of the community,Assemblyman plays quite a critical role in the affairs of the strategic reformation and unification.Therefore,every four years special electoral polls are being being organized by the commission in charge of public elections in Ghana.This ensures that the community members who are in the voting ages exercise their franchise or suffrage to elect as well appoint a credible person to be the right-man in order to be spokesman between them and the Assembly which is connected to the governance or the ruler-ship of the nation as a whole.

      Amanful as an area,has different kinds of settlement and numerical attachment to its frequentpopulation growth in terms of how houses are like or how they are addressed to bring about easy identifications.Factually,this seemingly village-like suburban community is made up of almost all the three kinds of settle being'Linear,Nucleated,Scattered or Dispersed' settlements depending on the exactlocation of the buildings,be it roadside or vice-verse. Well,although where idomicile is having linear settlement other parts is rather made up of dispersed and nucleated settlements.Example,places known as 'Main Spain' or 'Go-Man-Go'has totally different settlement and they both fall in the nucleated kinds of housing.Some have estate-like neighborhood which distinguish the rich from the poor in relation to what they use at various homes.For instance,'Collins Avenue'and other parts of 'Timber Bar' have extremely different outlooks.With regard to character-traits or behavioral and attitudinal impression,it's obvious every society while others are calm and cool,some are also extroverts and kind of bad in other ways,viz lack of mannerism.Sanitation-wise,some choose to live inclean lifestyle while others also engage in throwing of garbage around any how and any where,be it in-front or the back-yards.In recent times,the 'Zoomlion Company' being experts in waste management and sanitation advisers in the wholeof Ghana have distributed close to two-hundred (200) garbage-bins in front ofsome houses based on mutual agreement coupled with certain terms and conditions of landlords in the community.

      Amanful as a neighborhood,is also made of gifted and talented ones ranging from Arts to Sports.Some are continually making impact in the book publication industry and fields of thecreative writing endeavors,meanwhile those with spectacular physique for footballing and the act of pugilism have made good impact.Aside,still the up and coming ones too are still using their skills to influence the society positively to some extent.However,some choose to describe the youngsters in the community as guttersnipes,vagabonds and gangsters but indeed every society in the world has certain traits which one way or the other hit the negative rocks of life.Any-way,this piece descriptive articles in a form of essay is simply incomplete without stating the mini-bars and pubs which are in a form of wooden structures in almost every corner of the street,aside those who have chosen to involve in drugs-pushing and peddling are there.But,on the contrary the highly educated folks refrain always from such bogus life-styles with negative influence to the society and the community at large.Suffix it to say,Amanful isdescribed in terms of East and West with crystal clear difference in relation to attitudes,behaviors and characters.




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Poem - Positive Menta Attitude

Posted by Ike Boat on May 31, 2013 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)



Positive Mental Attitude   <--- Title Of Poem

An act of inner wholeness.

Bring about vital authenticity.

To ensure co-existence of peace.

Whereby,there's no room for criticism.

Which in a sense eschew argument. 

This leads to successful altitude.

When one can relax in a sound mind.

That's 'Positive Mental Attitude'.

To seek the Creator need righteousness.

In relation to a person's state of sanity.

It's better to rely and count on His grace.

That's when no one can think about legalism.

It's a means to have mindset of improvement.

The higher realm is like the globe longitude.

Which no man can rewind.

That's 'Positive Mental Attitude'.

The manner of gender equality depend on loveliness.

So sound meditation is based on good spirituality.

That means,it's possible to set right pace.

With wholesome lifestyle,there's enthusiasm.

Which man is set to have life achievement.

Completion of task is built on its magnitude.

It's always good to be kind.

That's 'Positive Mental Attitude'.


Article - Festival Of Masqueraders In Takoradi (FOMIT)

Posted by Ike Boat on May 10, 2013 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)
                    Festival Of Masqueraders In Takoradi - FOMIT,Ghana.

         In the south-western part of the nation,many are the events,activities and programs which are organized to bring about entertainment as well as socio-economic developments.Although,there are several traditional festivals which are celebrated across the length and breadth of the nation.It's quite obvious the 'Kundum' which is connected to the tribe known as 'Ahanta' and 'Nzema' in the Western Region has lost its consistent patronage by the people of this setting,viz over the past couple of years,probably by virtue of modernity.However,most of the festivals are associated with certain dances,songs and dresses which create an atmosphere of fancy and ecstasy to lots of the people living within this region of the nation.


         In the city at stake,particularly Takoradi which has continually become the hot-spot of various activities in terms of sport,music and other fields of Arts.In actual fact,one unique festival which has been in existence for about hundred years since its inception by far the oldest club which is known as 'Anchors' takes it root or foundation from a suburb in the city known as 'Amanful'.The call of leadership is termed 'Officer' who often is in charge of most duties ranging from the sewing of the fancy dresses to the meeting which comes on weekends.Apparently,there is no age barrier or limit and trend with regard to who is to join whichever club of choice.For this reason,even babies or toddlers are some-times part of the on-the-road movement from one place to another.


         In relation to the list of the club name,it includes 'Tumus,Sunato,Justice,Crench,Millionaires,Holy,Cosmos,Valencia,US,Sambot,just to mention but a few.More often than not,the masquerader clubs have peoples or friends living abroad and so they make provision of exotic masks,little bells and other attires which bring about certain differences among themselves.Although,some are virtually new ones on the day of events one can see that the number of registered members are few unlike the older clubs.In terms of location,one may think they ought to get offices so as to operate and communicate effectively with peoples of different classes and origins.Come to think of it,is there any club with social media pages?


         In recent years,the association and sponsorship by a certain media organization within the Western Region has brought about a fiesta known as 'West-Side Carnival' which has made it possible to assemble majority of these masqueraders across the length and breadth of the region.During,this period brass-band of trumpets, percussions and other musical instruments makes it lively as they match from one end of the street to another.This becomes a contest to know which of the clubs has better dancing styles and antics to entertain participant or by-standers of the events.As a matter of fact,there are 'MCs - Master of Ceremony' who mention names of the clubs through the microphone via the public address systems displayed at the venue of the event.


         In conclusion,on 24th December every year members of the masqueraders clubs get the sewn dresses which prepare them ahead of the Christmas celebration as it coincide with diverse activities they're being invited to attend as a means to entertain people from all walks of life.Obviously,most of the masqueraders spend times of rehearsals in terms of different kinds of matches on the street coupled with the kind of songs which will suit their performances.Believe it or not,there are times some of the Masqueraders go from house to house in order to play drums to solicit funds for the purpose of managing their clubs.It's also believed that they operate under the system of Non-governmental that's why they get donor funding.Suffix it so say,festival of masqueraders in the city of Takoradi at the heart of the Western Region of the nation,Ghana is one cherished and adored festivity which bring people from different regions and all walks of life together.


Poem - The Frogs Of Nature

Posted by Ike Boat on May 10, 2013 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

The Frogs Of Nature (Poem Title

It's about time to think,

About the four legged creature.

Some have chosen to be brutal.

Let's aid the toads not to sink.

We can even set-up blogs.

In order to keep them alive.

The frogs of nature


It's their moment of generation.

So let's be on rescue adventure.

Because,they're also vital.

That's why they're part of creation.

Imagine,the species of frogs.

Clean water bodies make them survive.

The frogs of nature.


It's suppose to be our mission.

For they're friendly amphibians.

So let's not make them fatal.

But,set aside this vision.

And keep them save from flogs.

Before the little ones arrive.

The frogs of nature.


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Poem : Freedom To The Frogs

Posted by Ike Boat on May 10, 2013 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Freedom To The Frogs (Title Of Poem)

We live in a world,

Where some are so cruel.

Even to the little toads.

Be patient to them across the road.

To ensure their liberty.

Freedom to the frogs.


Let's protect their habitat.

Man,must treat with care.

No more the oil spill !

Which makes them ill.

To ensure their longevity.

Freedom to the frogs.

Affection can keep them at home.

For,they're not harmful amphibians.

As they hop with musical sound.

So,let's keep them around.

To ensure their security.

Freedom to the frogs.

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Poem - Voice Of America

Posted by Ike Boat on April 15, 2013 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Voice Of America 


It's the cadence we hear.

Even when we're not near.

That's smooth soft slang.

As if there,phone rang.

Just so worthy to listen.

Even when you're beside the kitten.

What an incredible sound !

Which makes us sit around.

An advantage to the continent of Africa.

Yes,it's the 'Voice Of America'.


How marvelous when broadcast on-air !

How spectacular when broadcast on-line !

At the office,when you sit on the chair.

At the school,when student can't decline.

It's obvious the news is made simple.

Which make the smile reveal the dimple.

The record lies in history.

And it's easy to tell the story.

An institution to all names which end with 'ca'.

Yes,it's the 'Voice Of America'.

Poem - Oh,Church Of Today

Posted by Ike Boat on April 15, 2013 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Oh,Church Of Today 

Sure,these are the last days.

The Body,known as 'Ecclesia'.

Is going through lots of challenges.

Even as the 'Good-Book' says.

It's like the damage in Asia.

Oh,Church of today.

Some,profess to be prophet.

But,they practice all kinds of incantations.

It's obvious,they will die in regret.

Like magicians to the congregations.

Their pockets are full of the collections.

Oh,Church of today.

Simple prayers take long hours.

Which tend to reck family relationship.

And it poses threat to faithful partnership.

Their acts endanger quality of leadership.

Can we cherich those of ours ?

Oh,Church of toay.

Poem - Radio Canada International

Posted by Ike Boat on April 15, 2013 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Radio Canada International 


RCI,as it's simply known.

With diverse creativity it's shown.

It obvious the transmission is local.

But,the catchment area is global.

It's the 'Radio Canada International'.


Sometimes,the broadcast is in French.

Imagine,it one can listen in the trench.

Nice to tune-in continent to continent.

How comprehensive is the content!

It's the 'Radio Canada International'.


To the uneducated,it is educative !

To the uninformed,it's informative !

To the uninteracted,it's interactive !

It's the 'Radio Canada International'.



Poem - Minerals Of The Nation

Posted by Ike Boat on April 15, 2013 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

A nation of unique location.

It is the home of many.

Built on consistent population.

We can also find the Mahogany.

It is made up of diverse regions.

Place of different gifts and talents.

Some can't cope with the religions.

So they come and buy with cents.


The forest is full of Timber.

That's why some call it their own.

Because,they leave to remember.

Even when they're not grown.

How about the lands of Bauxite.

Its makes some import machines.

So as to operate on the site.

Can there be possibility without engines?


Indeed,some have seen there's Diamond.

Therefore,they call businessmen abroad.

The other time,it's the turn of Richmond.

Who made them export that load.

Those at the community depend on the Manganese.

In order to sustain their livelihood.

They never hesistate to contact the Japanese.(Chinese).

This brings them to their neighbourhood.


The enormous vegetation of Cocoa.

Makes the farmers so popular.

When the factory want to make Richoco.

It's alywas not similar.

The most profitable is the Gold.

Which many engage in the mining.

Some struggle when the weather is cold.

They don't think about loosing.


In the earth-crust,there's discovery of Oil.

This needs proper economic managment.

So the larger equipment are good to dig the soil.

Indeed to bring about development.

The comprehensive study is based on Geography.

Which introduce some to the factors of Geology.

Some identify the minerals of the nation in Photography.

It's also good to know about the nation's Ecology.