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Poem - The Game Of Passion

Posted by Ike Boat on July 1, 2013 at 5:25 PM

The Game Of Passion

Even before the match commence,

Many are the exercises on the training pitch.

To prevent the ball from going afar,there's fence.

Better fields have no ditch.

It's often played eleven players aside.

Which brings fluidity of diverse skills.

Some tackles come a slide.

When there's body pains,some take-in pills.

Good passes,require proper precision.

The game of passion.

Prior to the real match-day.there are interviews.

It's obvious,some consult the coaches.

So as to have their views.

Base on the significance of the matches.

No-one knows what's in the mind of a referee.

That's why some play with intense vigour.

In the midst of whistle,some disagree.

The pressure on the field,demand good behaviour.

Some wonder when there's a decision.

The game of passion.

Often,crucial matches are played at a bigger stadium.

Due to higher number of spectators.

The seats are higher like a speaker on the podium.

It's also watched by some famous actors.

When a goal is scored,there's excitement.

But,the run to and fro requires much energy.

However,the injured player needs ointment.

Moreover,a spoiled chance demands apology.

Guess what,diverse shouts evaporate tension.

The game of passion

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