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Takoradi,Western Region.Ghana - West Africa.
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Music+Mission+Ministry+Media = M4 Factor

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I - Inspirational

K - Kind

E - Effective

B - Benevolent

O - Original / Open-minded

A - Artistic

T - Tolerance

I'm a fifth born chap in a nuclear family of nine which is a striking number,viz in the game of football.Graciously,my life is affectionately summarized in what i rather adorably refer to as the 'M 5 Factor' which compellingly and intriguingly involves - Music,Mission,Media,Ministry,Movie.(M + M + M + M + M = M 5).That describes the motive behind it or the trend of the M 5 which is in the picturesque livelihood.Having grew up in a suburban ie(Amanful West) with a cosmopolitan environ with seemingly numerous gutter-snipes which is a slight descriptive of an African child.I passionately like the exotic life-style with wholesomeness of heart and non-racial segregation or sort of mentality.I'm straight,easy-going person,besides ever ready to mingle so as to refrain from being single.

Furthermore,optimist,realist,loyalist,social and spiritualist are often-times the key rhyme words the ordinary man on the street use to describe who I'm.Some of my favourite colours includes extreme white,deep yellow,like green,pinky red and aqua blue.In terms of broadcasting experience and exposure,i therefore would like to voice-out that much contribution as well participation rrange from social to spiritual discussion both live on-air and post-cast on-line.Quite importantly,i readily else actively engage in both local and global media with a view to bridge the gab between the rich and the poor or better still to continue to the gradual trend of making the world a global village for all and sundry.Indeed,I've had positive influences with respect to cordiality from on-denominational group of people which rang from Africa - America - Asia - Caribbean and Europe.Without mincing words,the sort of good communication,contribution and conversation I've had with such a great as well well-established broadcast institution or organization as RCI - Radio Canada International over the years is the reason why willingly and voluntarily i currently serve as local representative and ready-to-share correspondent.With much respect to personalities such as Ian Jones-Man (Adopted Uncle),Terry Haig,etc.

Humanly speaking,some of the foods or meals which serve as faves me includes rice and stew or fried rice and chicken,rich and palm-nut soup with crabs or any continental or foreign dish which make tomato ketch-up applicable is also likeable and enjoyable,be it supper or dinner.With regards to achievement,I've marvelously being a publicist on-line and a panelist on a particular local radio program called 'Born To Win'.Better-still,it also worth-sharing that I've had the opportunity of being an associate producer on yet another radio program such as 'Morning Glory' and 'Bonjour On Jericho Hour'.I can say with certainty that some of my enthusiastic period in life is often to contribute to interactive or participate in international programs like the 'Maple Leaf Mail Bag' on RCI and 'World Have Your Say' on BBC.As God is the Giver of life and Controller of gifts and talents then most definitely Sky is the limit ! ! ! :) :) :)


It's a biography with inspiration and motivation ! ! ! 

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